Consensus and Private Realities

Consensus or private reality?.. Potentially there are both, but how do I really know which I am experiencing. A consensus reality, to give a broad definition is a reality which is populated with free-will individuals, myself as well as a multitude of others; our every day reality is said to be a consensus reality. But truth be told, I cannot tell a free-will individual from a simulated one.

Using myself as the basis of a free-will individual, each has the same level of reality- each appears identically real, feels identically real, thinks and acts identically real. So how is the determination made? One friend, and skilled conscious explorer says she determines this by the type of thinking/consciousness she herself possesses. I think this is key, and a really good place to begin.

In OBEs I am often ”placed” in simulations.. These are very curious experiences in which as they begin I am feeling myself – from the void – prior to visuals – being carried by one or more helpers to be ‘set up’ in a particular way within a scene. I have always been delighted by this, by instances of awareness coming in at this distinct point prior to visuals.

In such instances, I clearly know a simulation is about to run; a private, preprogrammed projection. But when the lights do come on, when my eyes open, so to speak, and the vision field slowly appears it is no different than each morning as I do the same. Everything is real as real can be. Having arrived during the ‘set up‘ prior to visuals, with awareness of the individuals being simulated my inner feeling and interactions here with them can be a bit funny.

It is often like I have shown up on stage without the context of the scene, without my lines.. I don’t know what to say because primary to this in my awareness is the awe at the projection, at the individuals which are every bit as lifelike as free-will humans. So I will just bring myself upright, maybe stand and walk around, gradually take in the environment with this awareness and the very distinct feeling and related sensations it creates within my field.

At other times, when awareness is not aroused prior like this it is so afterward.. As those behind the simulation, responsible for running it, often perceived by me as teachers pull me from it. At this point I will be fully conscious, as I would be (and am) each morning when pulled from my dreaming into conscious daily life. I am often laughing at the scenario that was just running, noting it had been running repeatedly each time to varying result; the places I went with it, some highly remedial are amusing to say the very least.

But to repeat, while directly in these experiences I could not tell they were simulations. It was only at the point of being pulled. It does make me wonder, as I sit here typing this, having paused to look around…in which type of experience I currently am. The question brings in a very fun rush of energy, the corners of my mouth are curling up, with no starting assumptions life is indeed delightful, anything upon anything is possible. –Including an accurate reply.

I’ll just sit here in the question and see what comes.


copied from original blog: dated Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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