Visionaries: An Ever Expanding Range of Vision

Prior to being able to enter other reality systems, my vision here in this one began to alter.. It was as if I began seeing something prior to the current physical appearance of people and things. I was not immediately aware of what this was, only that indeed it was being perceived, and that it set me to a molten sort of glow, an inwardly rising wonderful golden warmth. Intense, yet beautifully calm and visible to onlookers, who comment on the change through my eyes.

A further manifestation of this, is that each of my eyes does often focus independently now, one clearly outward, the other inward. An odd phenomena to see in photos. I am not yet certain of it’s full spectrum of use, but I suspect it to be tightly woven to the capacity for holding multiple reality frames in my awareness at once. And broadly linked to the channeling; the inwardly focused eye is certainly going in for data. At the least.

Certain practices have been responsible for helping me to grow the ability to refocus attention, principally Atma Vichara [self inquiry] and Trataka [conscious gazing]. The former helped me to keep attention on where attention was rising, ie: on myself, and therefor inevitably come to experience myself as the priory to all else that I experienced. I would no longer, for instance, see a rock.. I would see myself there seeing a rock -(each very distinct experiences). The latter broke me into the dimensions, into distinct vision fields within multiple layers of reality.

In the physical reality frame, I began seeing a variety of new things.. I grew to be regularly aware of the independent particles, tiny moving points of light that seem to compose our particularized reality. I could see bright light patterns, crystalized snowflake-like formations of delightful colored light floating through people’s forms. When I take my gaze into facial areas I see what I generally refer to as ‘your people’, other spirits, self aspects, past and future lifetimes, etc.., closely associated with your current lifetime. There is accessible data which I am able to pass on.

These phenomena are not something I am currently cultivating. I feel I will soon, very likely begin working with them more but in fundamentally which way I am not yet certain. There is a good deal of curiosity at the channeling. As well as fear points I feel could be dissolved through this.

Early this morning, while still ‘in there’ the channeling is again being attempted. It is common that, from within the visual field I am in, I experience my mouth as being so dry I cannot speak words when this happens. I wonder if this is something other new channelers have experienced.

What is this??


copied from original blog: dated Thursday, May 9, 2013

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