A New OBE Hot Subject: Alternate Frequency Future


The idea of an alternate-frequency future, the same alternate-frequency future continues to impress upon me. The month of April I am slipping into it every night, the whole first week of the month. I just keep dreaming about it. The same group of individuals, the same alternate society. It is challenging information to bring back with me. Tonight, —see below— even though it is the MAIN dream of the night I still struggle to bring it forward ( it is so content full ). I am very body tired from a 12 hour work day and have to wake early for another this morning. Otherwise, maybe I could have embedded something more. I can only say that “something” has happened, something that has affected the whole population. <— this idea keeps impressing upon me.

As seen in the timeline below, the event that happens eventually leads to a rebuilding that, although more idealic than before, continues to have a suspicious undercurrent.

This is how it all began to come through. >>

March 13, 2023

Frequency future, new system and structures

I do not see why but there is a movement, people are on the move, there is some kind of mass migration. In the midst of whatever this is, some people are hiding from some others. Likewise, I do not see why. I, myself, am entering an apartment that is not mine ( most have been already been abandoned ) in order to hide. When I go to hide behind a rack of clothes which the man who lives here is coming out from >> he says it is time to go now ( to get away now ) as he passes me and heads out the door. I continue the movement into the apartment, into the rack of clothing. 

From here I have only fragments. My body is so tired and my energy so low—but Robyn features prominently here forward. In all the movement…migration…she is looking for a new school for Aris. This is the undercurrent behind a lot of what follows. 

In another area there is information about a bottle of water I have acquired for myself for the journey. The bottle is large, glass, and has a blue and silver label. A man comes through and says something about it, like it is no good. He takes my bottle and exchanges it with a much smaller bottle that is made of green glass and has a red label. I am confused about the switch and not happy with it at all. So much more happens, I just cannot hold to it.  

Further down the timeline, closer to waking, in a park-like setting, Robyn is standing on a kind of billboard platform that is grey and really high up in the sky. I am impressed how she can be so casual and calm up there. No belt or rope even holds her to it. She is painting. She turns to look at me when I arrive, we exchange a few words about being up there. How she got up there and how she gets down. It is not clear to me. There are no stairs, or steps that seem to lead up. Only the platform itself seems to be there. So she shows me. She leaps from it, as easily as one might pick up one foot and put it in front of another to take a simple step. She free falls in a sitting position and, as quickly as she leapt, lands on her butt on an invisible energy net. When she lands, for a moment I can see it. The movement ignites what I can only call a contrast in the light.

A park just outside the city

Robyn steps down off the energy net and walks toward me. We have a long conversation about a handful of things I no longer remember. While we are in this conversation we are in the black. When it completes we re-enter the park-like scene where Robyn ascends back up to the platform. I watch her, but can see only so far, I still cannot see how she elevates up to the platform. I see her walking roughly 10 feet away, then see nothing until I see her back up there. It is like the middle part is kept from my view. It is as invisible as the energy net. I watch her go back to her work, painting, and am again impressed, this time that she has taken the time, which must have been an inconvenience, to show me all she just has. I think to myself I am not sure I would have, but this is likely my low energy at present bleeding through. 

With this thought, 

I see back into the black, into a portion of the conversation we were having. It is about pain, understanding and having a respect for each others pain, and what it feels like to be in each of our bodies. We discuss switching points of perspective to experience this firsthand. I, experiencing her body, and she, mine. The remembering fades before this actually takes place and I am back in the park area. It is a truly beautiful, picturesque day. — lush greens, a mix of wild and landscaped plant life, clear blue skies. The sunlight and temperature are perfect, there is a certain recognizable stillness in the air. We seem to be, in a manner of speaking in a frequency future. 

The system here seems to be operating in harmony with the people. In my view it is working, functioning, caring for its citizens. It seems there for them. Yet I hear an underlying dissatisfaction and chatter to the contrary, which now that I am awake see must be the differential between our own system and this? — this must be what we are dreaming, envisioning, re-writing our own reality into. I do not see much of it but I like what I have seen.

3 thoughts on “A New OBE Hot Subject: Alternate Frequency Future

  1. I am stricken by the thoughts I have watching the news of the great migrations of humans to beaches and vacation spots for the holiday weekend. Does no one see this is unnatural, that we are burning down our own house? What has happened to reverence for nature, for being? There is a tournament taking place, a scene like HGWells The Time Machine where he watches as eons of time pass and the “modern” world crumbles and nature take back what is hers. The Eloi finally escape the dreaded Morlocks. I am reminded of the Kali Yuga and the turning from the Iron Age to the Bronze Age again. The cycles of time. What few realize is we are a solar system moving through the galaxy, through energy systems our science tells us is nothing but vacuum, or dark matter – I think they call it that to hedge there bets!

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    1. It is all so hard to understand, isn’t it? It is all far beyond my comprehension. I can only let go and trust. For the most part, that is. I barely recognize the world anymore, maybe I never did. Nature is till the same as ever, wondrous in every way, but the world, world events, people and their activities, is as foreign to me as could be. I suppose it always has been.

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      1. The scale was smaller when we were growing up. I looked at population growth a while back. Since WWII the world population has grown from 2.5 billion to 6.9 billion. That’s 175% on under 100 years. Any natural upheaval is catastrophic when there’s so many … then add in war, disease. Ever hear the term Wetiko? Mind virus… it is rampant in our world.

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