Everyone is welcome to connect and create with us!

We currently have a selection of rooms open and meeting every week.

If you are already familiar with Zoom, have it downloaded to your device and are ready to begin the best place to find the links to join the calls is on the EVENTS BOARD of our forum message board or the EVENTS section of our Facebook group.

For Facebook – just find and click into the meeting of interest then scroll down to the DETAILS section for the link to get in. The link is different for each of the rooms. They can periodically change but for each calendar Event will always be correct in these locations.

You may find it helpful to connect with us directly through our group forum ( join the group! ) as well as the Forum Message Board. Both these links can be found on the side-bar of every page throughout this website. All our LIVE events, sessions and streams are posted well in advance.

There is no charge to attend any of the rooms. If you would like to help ensure the continuance of the work you can choose to be(come) a patron and for this we thank you.

The type of sessions you can join include :

  • OBE Mentoring
  • The Conscious OBE
  • Consciousness and Contact
  • The Gateway of the Breath
  • Silent Group Meditation
  • Universal Discussion : Group Chat

In the future it is my hope to also have :

  • Channeling Practice Classes
  • LIVE Channeling Sessions
  • Guest Channelers


Learn more about joining our Zoom Live-Streams.