Everyone is welcome,

Connect, connect, connect! – I am pleased for all who would create with us.

Joining in on our sessions and live-streams is quick and easy.


You may find it helpful to connect with us through the Facebook group forum and Discussion Board. I suggest both, however if you feel to choose just one I would go with the discussion board. These links can be found on the side-bar of every page throughout the website but I will link them directly here for you also :

All our LIVE events are posted in advance at these locations and include the link you will need to join each meeting. The type of sessions you can join include :

  • OBE Mentoring
  • Remote Group Healing
  • Consciousness and ( ET ) Contact
  • Energy Mastery and the Gateway of the Breath
  • Silent Group Meditation
  • Crystals and Consciousness
  • Universal Discussion – Group Chat

In the future it is my hope to also have :

  • Channeling Sessions
  • Guest Channelers


Learn more about joining our Zoom rooms.