Everyone is welcome to connect and create with us!

We currently have a selection of Streams open and meeting every week.

If you are already familiar with Zoom, have it downloaded to your device and are ready to begin, the best place to find the links to join the calls is on our forum message board. The links are posted right at the top under the board announcement.

If you have questions you can ask them right here in the comments section below, or in the Events Board area where our events are individually posted. The board is very easy to use and learn to navigate once you begin using it. You jump right into the swing of it.

We are an unconditional collective ( /platform /structure ), there is never a conditional “charge” applied to any of what we are doing. This year ( 2021 / 2022 ) is a very good time to connect. Everyone with an interest in consciousness, consciousness studies, conscious contact, developing a steady and regular practice is welcome to jump in with us.

If you would like to read more about the work we are doing this year as well as the possibility of entering the unconditional structure you can do so here : Do you Remember Day One? I highly recommend this. It is what will inform you the most about who we are and what we are aiming to build through our time here on the planet.

The type of sessions you can join include :

  • OBE Mentoring
  • The Conscious OBE
  • Consciousness and Contact
  • Silent Group Meditation
  • Open Forum : Universal Discussion

We are also beginning to have :

  • Channeling Practice Classes
  • LIVE Channeling Sessions
  • Guest Channelers


Learn more about joining our Zoom Live-Streams.