Sun Gazing and the Pineal

Light and sound—

These are critical to Spiritual development.

Gazing and gazing disciplines such as trataka came early and naturally to me, arising effortlessly in my life and formal practice. I was instantly, from the beginning drawn to gazing into light sources- streetlamps, moonbeams, anything and everything that gave off even the slightest emission.

As a practicing yogi I discovered candles, beeswax candles in particular which give off a very particular type of glow — then SUN gazing which came at the precise juncture of a top down Kundalini type awakening in which Explorations beyond the physical, beyond the body and Earth life were, for the years between 2009-2013 a permanent part of my experiencing.

And now again, as the year 2018 is nearing its conclusion I am receiving the impetus, not only to re-immerse myself but bring this pineal arousing exercise further into the attention of those I know. The years we are now collectively stepping into, it seems, are ripe for diving into—together.

What follows is for those who feel they are ready. Who feel the time has come. If there is any apprehension, any hesitance at all please honor this feeling and work with the idea of growing your gazing practice out to that of the sun awhile longer. Continue for now practicing with the face of a loved one, eye gazing, mirror gazing, symbol gazing, candle gazing.

For those who feel ready NOW, do your research, thoroughly investigate… feeling the energy and excitement of the idea of reconnecting directly one-on-one with the SUN. With the source of all life as we know it.

When you feel moved,

Here are a few simple steps you may want to follow:

1. Choose your light and your location

Sun gazing is performed at the hour of either sun RISE or sun SET, choose the one you would like to work with. Choose one, not both. The reason for the time being during this hour is due to there being no detectable UVB rays at these times. After you choose your light choose your location. Find an area either in or outside your house, or in an easily accessible, natural setting. Such as a clearing, lake or beach — where the setting or rising sun is fully visible.

2. Ground

If it is at all possible remove your shoes and let your feet connect with the earth. Even if there is no natural landscape and you are standing on concrete or carpet. Ground. Connect through the soles of your feet with the Earth. Do this mentally. Feel the idea. Feel the ground beneath your feet.

3. Remove as much clothing as appropriate

Give yourself to the sun, receive it’s light, it’s emissions and rays through as much of you as you can. Remove eye glasses and contact lenses. Wear loose comfortable clothing and remove anything restricting, such as bras. *Hydrate sufficiently before and after sungazing. Stand evenly on both feet, hands at your sides or in a mudra of your choice and face the sun.

Begin slowly.

Begin with eyes closed gazing first.

You may even stay with eyes closed for some time. Days, weeks or even months. As you find yourself ready to receive with eyes open, again go slowly. Many will begin with 10 seconds and proceed each day in 10 second increments until a certain timeframe, such as 5 or 10 minutes is reached. Then proceed with an additional minute each day until a total of 40 minutes is reached.

I do suggest you choose a pattern and progress gradually. The result will indeed be far grander. There is, and will continue to be much to integrate as you grow on this path and the integration is what is truly critical. The length of the gaze not so much. As always, and as you are, pay attention.

Be light, be loving and

You will go far.



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