My Birth Into the Earth Life

As a way to begin,—multi-dimensional vision is not easy, be patient with yourself when first viewing the images, the formations and information.. In a very real sense this is no different than entering additional states, additional consciousness SPACE. A period of entering and acclimating and learning to use your faculties in a new way is in order.

I suggest you look—just look without trying to see. Soften your gaze and let it float throughout the frame. In the process new pattern recognition programs will turn on and the layers, the beings and transmissions will begin coming through.

Prior to seeing the body of my newborn self in this formation I saw myself as a PLANET. This is an example of how the information begins coming through, and the formation itself, as you become ready for *more information, begins altering. And in the process altering your consciousness, rewiring your system…changing you.

In this formation as a whole is the Story in its entirety of my arrival to the Earth-life. Simply stunning in its multidimensionality, in the layers and layers and layers presenting. There is my creation ( the love ); rendered as an ET conical headed male, face to face, eyes locked with a humanoid female. There is my Earth Dad and Mom, there is one who came to accompany my attention, arising from up under where my newborn head rests; he – Seif – is one who has whispered prophesy in story form to me in sleep states for as long as I can remember. There is my newborn self, – and what staggers me slightly, still…the very large presence of someone I know only online ( as well as those composing and accompanying him, who I feel now is an association with my eldest brother of the same name, who I have always felt as a protector.

There are 3 prime layers in this frame.

Layer 1 : Includes my sleeping newborn self, Seif, and Jason top/left
Layer 2 : Includes the conical headed ET, eyes locked with humanoid female
Layer 3 : Includes my Earth Mom and Dad – and more

For those who are interested in seeing, in learning how to make these identifications I will make a few remedial outlines. Note that aside from the crystal Art I have no natural or given artistic ability. In addition to what I am about to highlight for you ( for those who cannot yet already see ), I soon plan to suss out more of the detail/data embedded in this extraordinary frame.

Layer one : Seif, Baby Me, Jason.


For fun, channeled audio on Seif : ( from Rob Gauthier, the ET Whisperer ) :


Layer two/three : Earth Mom and Dad in the background, ET Male and Female in the foreground.


For reference – these are the likenesses of Jay and my newborn earth person.




It is gradually all coming back to me.

Soon I will remember it all.

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