A Walk Through a Reading

After many attempts to get a “portrait” for a recent reading, and failing repeatedly I am putting through the reading I did get – just as it came through. It is no easy read but I have to begin the process of opening minds to the more challenging reads and information contained within ( and so we begin ).

The request from this individual is stated as follows:

“I am asking for a reading to see my galactic counterpart, my higher self. And/or who is the main character that has been present since I was a child.”

Although it may not be easy at first to see,

The initial data coming through for this read is of a Sasquatch-like being:

He is connected, eye to eye from his left eye out toward the side of the frame to a great many, none clearly visible from the 3D field. You have to shift your consciousness into the frame to see more in more detail. Including those from my own cluster—connecting to this being.

The next data coming through, principally is of a primitive female and small child ( a blue boy ) – located near the center of the frame:

As we come in closer to this being and this child we can see them a bit larger and in more detail ( but the visual range must be quite good ) :

There is much more contained within these frames than I can relay in my current capacity. Once my vocal channel opens I hope to relay from the wider spectrum and greater processing speeds the stories captured within still frames such as these.


Reading for : Ribbie

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