Point Consciousness: Merged in the Field of Others

If there is one phenomena more common to my out of body experiences than any other it is that of rarely presenting in my current form. Generally I am either point consciousness, unassociated with any particular form, or point consciousness within the field(s) of other people, other beings, some of which may be other lifetimes and some of which may or may not be.

When I look down at myself in this latter type of experience, or otherwise see my reflection in a window or mirror I will see the body-form of who I am merged with. This has taken a good deal of getting used to. The impact it has on the conscious mind is acute and sometimes unpredictable. It’s full implication penetrates this level of being only gradually.

Initially, as likely common, is principally the awe -and even shock.. Sequentially from within this come the rush of questions: how is this happening?, how is this possible?, who are these people?, why am I here? Later, when I would begin shifting from point consciousness within their fields to being fully embodied AS them the list of questions only grew.

In one such event I am materializing on a bridge in the San Francisco area.. I am in the back seat of a purple car, merged in the consciousness field of a man at the precise moment a tsunami is hitting. I have only moments to take all this in- a swelling, and then fierce wall of water rising up before me, extra-terrestrial craft in the sky on either side of the bridge and the fact that here I am merged in the life experience of another person.

The tsunami OBEs themselves have been a great curiosity.. Their relationship to my personal evolvement. There have been three such events, collectively experienced in the span of a few months and much confusion on my part as to what they mean, what the “cataclysmic event” itself was trying to show me. I now see it symbolically as a representation of the dismantling and reorganization of my individual consciousness.

This is in large part due to the healing that is happening in it’s wake. The new structures, new ideas that are arising, many of which themselves are related to healing work, as well as to the ability to shift into the the consciousness fields of others to directly witness it.

It is all still very new, but I am looking forward with innocent eyes to where it is going. The vision….the kaleidoscope of possibility is truly stunning.

The patterns are shifting into new, never before scenes.

I wonder which I will go into next.


copied from original blog: dated Friday, May 17, 2013

One thought on “Point Consciousness: Merged in the Field of Others

  1. Interesting- In the mid-70’s, I had an OOBE that had me on a bridge in the SF bay area- with water rising close to the lower deck (as I recall) of whatever bridge I was close to? I remember cars that had crashed, and somehow I was involved with gathering the souls of those who had been driving and had recently passed over. I had this happen a few times back then, but not since, that I can remember anyway. And thinking about the symbolism, this was a time of development as far as being able to tolerate the OOB experience.

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