Requesting a Rendering

Friends, Experiencers and Explorers—

Today is April 4, 2018 and at this time I am currently in the delightful process of REmembering my art, re-honing the skill with the crystals and mineral ( elemental ) kingdom. Some of you are helping get me back into the flow by reaching out and asking to see more of yourselves. Your multi-dimensional selves. The extra-dimensional and extraterrestrial beings working with you to help create the current Earth life experience. —  and for this I thank you!

As more souls come into the awareness of this Service, I am seeing much in the way of potentiality. Let me say from the start, there is no charge that is ever going to be associated with these readings/renderings. This is not a business. It is who I am. (and I am not a business.—nor ever in all my Portfolio am I opening myself to be.

I am a Gift. I am Given. This is the foundation, the frequency in which I am functioning and finding my fulfillment.

You may support this, beyond your presence and participation if there is the impetus. Avenues will be open for this. Yet for the true success of our collective endeavor here, if I may say, there must be the trust within yourself of when the impetus is, and is not there. —notably the latter.

It is important to not continue in this place the energy of the monopoly. To instead come into the energy of who we are, extending this as the more fundamental currency flow amongst ourself.

This is what will move us in the highest, most beneficial way(s. In the event of there being a need for more practical currency flows, the idea will present in you.

You will be so moved. (and not otherwise.


Everything here is for everyone.

Everything is public, out in the open (there are no private reads. If you request a read please know it may be displayed and discussed. Purely the read, (no full names unless you are so open as to add it) as a means of helping others, and growing-together. This is our primary purpose and your genuine alignment is required for requests to be considered.

Contacts which attempt to place limitations on where renderings and discussions may and/or may not be shared I will not be able to work with. If you are still working with keynotes surrounding privacy you may wish to complete with this work first, prior to requesting a read. Or,—perhaps this is an opportunity to make a leap you are indeed ready for.

The line for requests….

Those with a genuine interest in this work are linking in with us at this time through the Patreon site. This is where the queue forms and where together we engage the work with the crystal and invite CONTACT experiences VIA the crystal as a gift not just to ourselves but the world.

At present ( 2020 ) there is the option to either 1 ) become a patron, or 2 ) “follow” our page. This is so you are notified when your rendering ( and others! ) gets posted and you can give feedback. Before sending in a request form this is step one.—> Swing by now.

When requesting a read : ( a rendering ):

  • Take a moment to deeply feel the energy of the idea
  • As it clarifies, send/state what you are requesting be rendered
  • Concentrate down into yourself and push the whole energy out
  • Focus and stay tuned to the energy, periodically until you receive your read

It can take days, weeks, potentially months to receive a read depending on interest and number of queries. If not wishing your name displayed with the rendering on the site(s), in addition to the name you usually go by, and a photo or link to a photo/facebook [not mandatory but helpful] — include a pseudonym.

I am mainly offering assistance right now in rendering aspects of your multi-dimensional being. When going into the crystal I will simply ask who will come forward for you at this time. Please understand what you will receive is a *rendering* – not a channeled or intuitive message.

In your contact letter please include your energy and information. Too little or too much is not advised. Two to three short to moderate paragraphs will allow me to connect with you, your interest, intent and energy.

  • Relay a bit of who you are, include your name(s
  • Relay what you are experiencing and reason for reaching out
  • State your alignment with renderings and reads being public/shared
  • State you have read this article, that you understand and have moved through the process of concentrating down into the energy of your request and sending the energy out.

Know that I cannot always connect.

If there are blocks, fears, any degree of hesitation it may affect the detail I am able to assist in bringing through for you. Not all reads are visually readable to anyone save myself. (but here are a few examples of some that are.

The greatest detail comes with the greatest energy and feeling.

The greatest ability to push the energy out.

To reach out and connect.

Be one in the light.

I look forward to creating with you,



I am!



15 thoughts on “Requesting a Rendering

  1. Hello, Casey! I would love a rendering. We’ve just met today and already I have dreamt of the connection between you me and our loving guides! I’ve been extremely fascinated with ET contact, and have been engaging from my dream space. In the past year or so I’ve been committed to connecting with my multidimensional self.

    I am reaching out to connect more deeply, to open my lines of communication, to invite more love into my physical being, and to be a vessel of transformation here on earth! In this rendering I’m primarily seeking a greater ease of connection and communication with my multidimensional guides.

    I am in alignment with the renderings and sharing them in loving service. I have read this article and have spent a few minutes in meditation so that we may easily work together.

    Thank you, Casey! Much love and appreciation for this. I can already feel the strength and openness of this connection.

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    1. Hi Lynn! . . On any page, in the sidebar on the right ( right at the top ) you will see 3 links – the first to the patreon page, the second to the page to request a rendering, and the third highlighted by the blue butterfly that simply says “support”. The latter is for anyone who wishes to send an unconditional contribution to the continuance of this work. Everyone can also help show support even by “following” us on patreon. I believe you will also get notified by email any time I post a new contact. And when all patron requests for renderings are completed, those even just following the page are let into the queue next. So it is fun for everyone all around! I look forward to receiving your contact form. ♥︎


  2. I would really like a rendering. I know you did one for me back when u started. I can’t find the pics unfortunately. But I thought it would be fun to compare them. Then and now! I’d like to connect to my HS and my soul group. Thank you for all the info you put out!! Blessings ❤👽❤

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    1. Hi Natalee.. I have the line closed right now because I am working 7 days a week and it is really challenging to find the right moment and momentum and light ( all at the same time when I am actually able to sit and work with the crystal ) – BUT if it happens and someone comes through for you I absolutely send it along. If I remember right, the connection with you happened that first time super easily. The beings just came through boom, boom, BOOM. –Use the contact page to remind me, so I have you in the queue.


  3. – I would like to see my galactic counterpart, my higher self
    – I would like to see my (soul) Group, my Cluster
    – I would like to see generally, who is attempting to connect with me
    – I would like to see my home, the realm or world I am most associate with
    I wrote to you, perhaps 4 yrs. ago as Elf. It was a long story detailing my kundelini experiences from 1993 to 2000. Crystals have been finding their way to me since early childhood.. Any and all that you suggest here would be a joyful experience.
    pseudonym Elf

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    1. Hi, Jon! ..Yes of course I remember you. Please use the contact form linked to above to send your request for a read. The more you focus in on exactly what you would like visual connection with the clearer and more detailed your read/rendering. The more vague, the more vague :). Too late for specifics though because I already did your read. There was someone quite eager to come through to you. Just state in the contact form that you understand all reads are public, for everyone, nothing private. If you wish to use a pseudonym state this also. Thank you for creating with us!


      1. Hi Casey, I live 9 time zones from Calif. I am pleasently surprised by your quick response. I would very much like to connect with the one seeking me. From the first time I saw you on youtube I was so impressed by your warm, clear, and open approach to discovering the nature of all that is, or at least our little corner of it. I would like to give you a hug for that. Jon

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  4. I love that you are offering to give readings, I felt the same as I was learning to get more connected to the Tarot cards. I may want that …
    Thank you for creating this very interesting site.

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