Out of Body Experience

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“Man’s mind once stretched by 
a new idea, never regains it’s
original dimension.”

                        --Oliver Wendell Holmes

SERVICES:  **Please note: Available for group talks only at this time

    Private Skype Talks, Recordable; for all global residents                  

    Private In-Person Talks, Recordable; Los Angeles area residents---       

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The ability to shift into additional areas of consciousness became permanent in my experience in January, 2009. I have enjoyed consciously ‘going out’ regularly ever since, cultivating a somewhat unique capacity for holding multiple states [multiple realities] simultaneously in my awareness, each with distinct and related vision fields. 

If interested, you can follow and/or research my journey on youtube or peek into my blog.

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Can Anyone Go Out of Body

If you are interested in consciousness exploration- out of body experience, astral projection, lucid dreaming, soul travel and feel speaking with someone would enhance your ability, guide you into an initial experience or even just deepen your understanding I am pleased to help.  You may at any time join in on the talkboard, introduce yourself and begin a talk or you may sign up for a LIVE talk.