Out of Body Experience

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Awakening and exploring consciousness through the

out-of-body experience,

astral projection and

lucid dreaming

Speaker:  Casey Claar

My spiritual journey culminated in the year 2009 with what is commonly termed a “kundalini” awakening.  At this time, the ability to explore consciousness systems, realities and worlds beyond our own became a permanent part of my experience.  I am a native of the Las Vegas desert and now reside in the Southbay area of Los Angeles where I give public and private talks related to spiritual self development and consciousness exploration.

If you are in charge of an upcoming gathering or would like to schedule a private talk please visit the “Services” page and use the contact form to send an initial introduction.  Please include all details relevant to your interest.  Talks can be private, semi-private, for small groups or large gatherings.  *Please note: At this time I am available for group talks only.  

For those not local to the Los Angeles area, talks are available through Facetime and Skype.

Topics which may be explored through our talk ~

  1. Bullet    Connecting with the Wider Reality

  2. Bullet    Dimensional Communication with Guides and Helpers

  3. Bullet    Contact with Star Beings and ETs

  4. Bullet    Soul Integration; Merging with Past and Future Lifetimes

  5. Bullet    Parallel Processing Multiple Reality Streams

  6. Bullet    Light and Sound Technologies Beneficial in Awakening Consciousness

  7. Bullet    Preparing for Conscious Out-of-Body Travel

  8. Bullet    Transition Phenomena, Energy Sensations and Types of Shifts

  9. Bullet    Spontaneous Healing and New Healing Modalities

  10. Bullet    Kundalini and It’s Role in the Evolution of the Human Form

  11. Bullet    Adapting to New Levels of Information and Energy

  12. Bullet    Transmuting Fear Layers

  13. Bullet    Personal Stories